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Early Learning Services

Educational Services

As part of our early intervention program, children attending Capstone Academy benefit from music, art, story time,computer, dramatic play, gross motor skills (outdoor play), fine motor skills (manipulative), and free exploration.

Through the Early Learning Coalition of the state of Florida, Capstone Academy offers Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) to children who turn four years of age by September 1 of the school year. This program is free, and each class has no more than 11 children in it with a Florida certified teacher (ratio 1:11).

Pediatric rehabilitation is designed to maximize the abilities of children when development is interrupted by an injury or a disability. This includes helping patients heal and learn the skills they need to grow into thriving adults.

Feeding Therapy - Food Aversion Therapy

Designed to develop a child's speech, language, and communication skills.  We also offer specialized pediatric therapy in our feeding and swallowing clinic.

Designed to develop a child's large (gross motor) muscles, and works on such skills as crawling, standing, walking, etc.

Designed to develop a child's fine motor skills, including such skills as holding objects, feeding self, etc. Occupational therapy also addresses sensory issues a child may have.

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In-School Therapy Services

Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapies are offered at Capstone. Therapies are provided during each child's scheduled classroom hours. Families are always welcomed and encouraged to come and take part in their child's therapy session.

*All therapy services require approval and a prescription from a physician. For additional information please contact the school of your choice.

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